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Out now with Oneworld… a journey through scientific culture in the sixteenth century, from Nuremberg to Prague, via Louvain, London and Hven.


The Map of Knowledge

In The Map of Knowledge, Violet Moller traces the journey taken by the ideas of three of the greatest scientists of antiquity – Euclid, Galen and Ptolemy – through seven cities and over a thousand years. Vividly told and with a dazzling cast of characters, The Map of Knowledge is an evocative, nuanced and vibrant account of our common intellectual heritage.

Violet Moller Author

I am an independent historian with a particular interest in the history of ideas and how knowledge has been transmitted through the centuries. My Ph.D was on libraries in Early Modern Britain, focusing on the organisation and collection of intellectual knowledge, which led me to look at the history of science in a wider context and resulted in The Map of Knowledge, published in February 2019. In 2016 it was awarded the RSL Jerwood Prize for Non-fiction (for a work in progress).

I started my career as a journalist, contributing articles and reviews to The Face, Arena, The Scotsman, Metro Scotland and The List amongst others, covering theatre, art, books, going out, music and culture in general. I lived in Denmark for six years where I worked as an editor and translator, in addition to various branding/research projects. On moving back to the UK, I joined the Bodleian Library as a volunteer – this resulted in being commissioned to write three small books for the Publishing Department. I graduated with MA in Classics and Medieval History and Ph.D in History from the University of Edinburgh. I live in North Buckinghamshire with my husband and our three children.

Travels Through Time Podcast

I am a presenter of the Travels Through Time history podcast which asks a wide range of brilliant historians which year they would chose if they could travel back in time. Then they take us to three special scenes or events in that year, before choosing one item to bring back to the present with them.


One of the Guardian’s “five best podcasts for the curious-minded.”



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Map of Knowledge fc by Violet Moller
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The Map of Knowledge

“Ambitious but concise, deeply researched but elegantly written, and very entertaining, The Map of Knowledge is popular intellectual history at its best.”
Tim Smith-Laing, The Telegraph
“An epic treasure hunt into the highways and byways of stored knowledge across faiths and continents.”
John Agard
Poet and Playwright
“An exceptionally bold and important book.”
Daisy Hay
Author of Young Romantics
“A sumptuous, glittering, endlessly fascination book, written with passion, verve and humour”
Catherine Nixey
Author of The Darkening Age
“In this fascinating history, Violet Moller sets out how classical knowledge was transmitted across the centuries and continents...”
“Before the printing press, knowledge was easily lost. This history shows how ideas survived, says James Marriott...”
“...this is an impressive, wide-ranging examination of what might be called premodern intellectual and cultural geography.”
“A dramatic story of how civilization was passed on and preserved.”


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